Seventh District Democratic Committee – District Convention Rules 2017

Seventh District Democratic Committee - District Convention Rules 2017

  1. Only properly elected delegates may participate in the Seventh District Convention.  Delegates must present themselves to the Credentials tables to pick up their credentials.  
  2. The Credentials table for the Convention will open at 10:00 A.M.
  3. Delegates may be asked to show identification to receive their credentials.
  4. Only those with proper credentials will be allowed on the Convention floor.
  5. All those working in an official capacity must wear credentials showing their status.  Guests and press will also be identified by separate credentials and given designated seating areas. Guests and press will not be allowed on the convention floor.
  6. The Convention will begin promptly at 11:00 am at the SunTrust Building, 919 East Main St, Richmond, VA 23219
  7. The Temporary Chair of the convention will be the Chair of the Seventh District Democratic Committee.  The Chair will appoint the Permanent Secretary, the Parliamentarian the Head Teller and the tellers committee of the Convention.
  8. The Credentials committee chair shall present the first report of the delegates and alternates present.
  9. The Temporary Chair will call a recess of the Convention so that each locality may fill their vacancies.  
  10. The local Democratic committee chair shall chair his/hers locality delegation, In the absence of the local Democratic committee chair, each delegation shall caucus to elect its delegation chair.
  11. If a delegate does not pick up his/her credentials by 11:00a, the delegation chair may present a delegate candidate(s) to the delegation to fill the vacancy (ies).  The delegation will vote on whether to seat each delegate candidate.  Only the delegation chair may present the delegate candidate(s) to the delegation.  The delegate candidate(s) must be 7th Congressional District registered voter(s) from the same county or city as the absent delegate, if possible, in accordance with the procedure stated in the Virginia Democratic Party Plan.   If no candidate is available from the same jurisdiction, the delegation may elect another registered voter within the Seventh District, as presented by the delegation chair, to fill the vacancy. At the conclusion of this procedure, the Delegation Chair will report the revised numbers to the Credentials Committee.
  12. The Convention will then reconvene and the Credentials Committee will issue its final report stating the number of delegates and alternates present and eligible to vote. The report shall be voted on by voice vote.
  13. Nominees for the Permanent Chair of the Convention shall be made from the floor of the convention.  There shall be no speeches by or on behalf of these nominees.  Nominees for Chair shall be voted on by voice vote.  The nominee receiving the most votes shall be declared elected.
  14. The Rules shall then be presented by the Rules Committee chair and be voted on by voice vote.
  15. The chair will recognize any candidates for election in 2013 (statewide or House of Delegates) who are present and wish to speak for 1-2 minutes. The chair will also recognize any General Assembly members who wish to address the Convention for 2-3 minutes.  No other speeches will be permitted, except at the discretion of the convention chair. Candidate surrogates shall not be allowed to speak
  16. The ballots shall specify the agreed upon geographic allocation that the seventh district committee approved in its Call.  The district committee must be 10 men and 10 women, or 9 men and 11 women or 11 men and 9 women. (The three add-ons will be used to ensure balance on the committee, that the 23 individuals are as balanced by gender as possible.) Any ballot marked for more individuals in any geographic locality or individuals by gender will be declared invalid. Any ballot marked with more than twenty votes shall also be declared invalid.
  17. The District Chair will read aloud the names of those individuals who have properly pre-filed for district committee. Those individuals may stand as their names are read. There will be no speeches and no campaigning within the convention room.
  18. The ballots shall be prepared by the Seventh District Committee in accordance with the Virginia Democratic Party Plan, that, is, numbered and in alphabetical order, divided by gender. Ballots will be distributed to all properly credentialed delegates.
  19. Slates will be permitted.  All slates must be presented to and received by  Harold Boyd, First Vice-Chair of the Seventh District Democratic Committee no later than Wednesday, May 3, 2017, at 5:00 P.M.  Slates may be delivered electronically to or by mail to Harold Boyd, 1117 Virginia Avenue, Culpeper 22701 or in person. Slates must be in Harold’s hands by the 5 pm deadline. No late slates will be accepted.
  20. Slates shall be read aloud by the Chair of the convention.  Slates will be listed on the ballot, designated by colors. No individual’s name may appear on more than one slate. All slates must reflect the allowed gender division and geography (with caveats) as proscribed by the Call. Slates may contain fewer than the allotted number of district committee members (20), but no more.
  21. Delegates will be instructed by the Chair to vote for no more than 20 individuals, 10 men and 10 women or 2 men and 11 women or 11 men and 9 women. Depending on the number and gender distribution in any filed slates, the Chair will give verbal instructions about how to fill out the ballot if a voter wishes to vote for a particular slate.
  22. Ballots will be distributed only to delegates with proper credentials.  The Credentials Committee shall ensure that the number of ballots distributed to each delegation does not exceed the total number of delegates present and voting for that delegation as specified in the final report of the credentials committee.
  23. There will be no speeches by or on behalf of any candidate for district committee during the course of the Convention. There will be no campaigning for district committee membership within the convention room.
  24. Ballots will be distributed and collected in each delegation by the Tellers designated by the Convention Chair.
  25. After the above is accomplished, the convention will then recess.  The delegates' votes shall be tallied by the Tellers Committe as designated by the convention Chair.  At the conclusion of the tally, the convention shall reconvene and the results shall be delivered to the Chair of the Convention for public announcement by the Convention Chair.  All ballots shall also be secured by the Chair.
  26. In the case of a tie, the winner shall be determined by a drawing of lots by the Convention Chair of the names involved in the tie.
  27. The person(s), who filed properly for district committee membership with the highest vote totals and with respect to the geographic distribution and its caveats, within the gender distribution, shall be declared the seventh district 2013 members..
  28. The convention shall then be adjourned.
  29. No other business shall come before this Convention.
  30. The agenda of the convention shall be as prescribed in these Rules and in the 2017 Seventh District Call to Convention, as follows:
    • Call to order at 11:00 A.M.
    • Pledge of Allegiance.
    • Report of the Temporary Credentials Committee, followed by a 5-minute recess to fill any delegate vacancies.
    • Election of the Permanent Chair and Secretary.
    • Introductions and guest speaker(s), as outlined in the Rules
    • Report of the Rules Committee.
    • Report of the Credentials Committee
    • Election of Seventh District Committee members
    • Report of the Tellers Committee
    • Adjournment
  31. The 2017 Call to the Seventh District Convention, the By-Laws of the Seventh District Democratic Committee, the Virginia Democratic Party Plan and Robert Rules of Order (revised) are incorporated in these rules.


*Prior to April 26, each local chair shall provide to the Seventh District chair alist of all alternates and delegates elected by that locality as delegates and alternates to the Seventh District Convention. Such list shal include name, address, telephone number and email. The chair of the seventh District will make available a google doc for this purpose and count and city chairs are encouraged to use this document.

Prior to the start of the Convention, the Seventh CD chair shall appoint members to the temporary Rules and Credentials committees.

At the close of the convention, the Seventh CD chair shall maintain the ballots for a period of thirty days.
If only the correct number or fewer of candidates, within the allowed gender and geographic distribution, file for the Seventh District Democratic Committee by the filing deadline, the Convention will be cancelled and those individuals will be declared elected.