Get ready to vote in the June 12th Primary

To vote in the June 12th Primary, register to vote or update your registration by May 21, 2018.  Make sure you are listed as registered and your address is current. It’s easy to do online at the Virginia Department of Elections website.

Register to vote online

Check/update your registration online

Reminder: If you will turn 18 before the  Nov. 6th General Election, you can pre-register to vote in the June 6th Primary. Spread the word!

Prefer to register to vote in person or by mail? Information including locations and hours is available on the Henrico Registrar’s website. You can also obtain a free photo ID at the Registrar’s office.

Need help getting a photo ID or restoring your voting rights? Spread the Vote Virginia and Revive my Vote offer free, nonpartisan assistance. For more information, or if you would like to volunteer, visit their websites or the Voter Information page of our website.