Henrico Democrats

HCDC Subcommittees

Standing Committees

Candidates and Nominations (Chair)

The Candidate & Nominations Committee is responsible for recruiting and supporting candidates for office whose district includes at least some part of Henrico County. The committee works in partnership with other interested Democratic organizations.  The committee is also responsible for recommending the Democratic Party nominating process for offices whose district fully resides in Henrico.

Finance (1st Vice Chair)

The Finance Committee consists of the Treasurer, the 1st Vice Chair, and three other members. It has the responsibility of preparing the annual budget. The budget is presented in October to the full Committee for adoption by the end of November.

Auditing (1st Vice Chair)

The Auditing Committee consists of the 1st Vice Chair and two other members. It prepares an audit report of the previous fiscal year’s finances prior to March 1 of each year and recommends improvements to our accounting practices. This is crucial work, but not terribly time-consuming: it generally takes a few hours of work.

Fundraising (1st Vice Chair)

The Fundraising Committee plans and carries out fundraising efforts for the HCDC. The 1st Vice Chair oversees the work of this committee but is not necessarily a member of it. The Fundraising Committee is free to use its collective imagination to figure out ways to raise money for the HCDC, including aiding in membership-buildling efforts.

Precinct Organization (2nd Vice Chair)
Outreach (2nd Vice Chair)

The outreach subcommittee is responsible for voter registration drives, connecting with diverse communities, and party building.

Communications (3rd Vice Chair)

The Communications Subcommittee – formerly known as the Website Subcommittee – is responsible for developing HCDC’s social media (HCDC website, Facebook page, and Twitter) and maintaining the content. Members of this group post updates to the media, adds photos and links to documents. They also recruit others to contribute articles and photographs. The Communications subcommittee is also responsible for assisting other committees with developing brochures and other documents.

Research, Data & Technology (3rd Vice Chair)

The Research, Data, and Technology Subcommittee (RDT) – formerly known as the Data Support Subcommittee – operates under the direction of the 3rd Vice Chair. As the name suggests, this group has 3 areas of responsibility:

Research: HCDC conducts various types of research for use by HCDC and by Democratic candidates. This includes researching potential opponents (positions on issues, voting record), issue research (what could be major issues in upcoming elections), donor research (who supports Democratic candidates with both monetary and in-kind contributions), and voting trends (registration, turn-out, results).

Data: The RDT subcommittee is responsible for recording the data used for HCDC operations. This includes membership rolls, meeting and event attendance data, volunteer information, and campaign activities such as canvassing and phone banking. They also product reports as needed.

Technology: This function includes assisting HCDC in investigating new technologies could be helpful to the committee and making recommendations as appropriate. It also includes inventorying, configuring, and determining uses for equipment such as laptops that HCDC acquires.

Ad-Hoc Committees

Welcoming Committee (Secretary)