DPVA Central Committee

In gubernatorial election years, Henrico Democrats and other local committees nominate members to the Democratic Party of Virginia Central Committee. Those interested in serving file a Declaration of Candidacy form. Typically, members are elected at Congressional District conventions held in May and serve four-year terms. The Central Committee includes 20 members from each of Virginia’s 11 congressional districts. Central Committee members serve on the congressional district committee for the district in which they reside. Each district committee is responsible for congressional nominations and elections within its congressional district. In June, the Central Committee hosts its annual JJ Dinner fundraiser. Central Committee and district committee meetings are open to all members of the Democratic Party. The public may attend as observers. Click here for more information about the Central Committee.

4th Congressional District Committee Members from HCDC:
Kirk Jones, Lori Krenik, Roland Winston

7th Congressional District Committee Members from HCDC:
Keyanna Conner, Nancy Frowert, Lori Haas, Tom Herbert, Marques Jones, Cheryl Zando

Photo: DPVA