Grassroots Society and Memorials

Grassroots Society Membership

Grassroots Society members support our work through monthly or yearly contributions. Monthly contributions may be for as little as $5.00 through ActBlue. Yearly contributions may be made either through ActBlue or by check. Grassroots Society contributors are not required to be HCDC members, but contributions to the Grassroots Society may be used towards membership dues.

It’s easy to become a monthly or yearly contributor to the Grassroots Society:

Select a membership level and whether you want to contribute on a yearly or a monthly basis:
– Bluebell ($5/month, $60/year)
– Iris ($10/month, $120/year)
– Aster ($20/month, $240/year)
– Larkspur ($50/month, $600/year)
– Bluestar ($100/month, $1200/year)

Contributors at the top three tiers - Aster, Larkspur, and Bluestar -  are acknowledged as sponsors at their levels and receive two tickets to a fundraising event each year as well as other benefits.

Sign up in ActBlue for monthly or yearly contributions. You can also complete the HCDC Grassroots Society Membership Application and mail to: Henrico Democrats, P.O. Box 70134, Richmond, VA 23255 or bring it to our next meeting.

Current Grassroots Society Members

Puneet Hans
Melissa Marrion
Cheryl Zando

John Borgard
Peggy Borgard
Robin Crane
Alice Creighton
Valerie L'Herrou
Julie Laskaris
Alexsis Rodgers
James Simons

David Kovacs
Eileen Tarr

Memorial Gifts

Honoring those who have been recognized, through memorial donations, for their service and dedication to the Henrico Democratic Committee:

Alice Miles – donation by Judy Anderson, 2012
Stephanie Wingate – by the Estate of Stephanie Wingate, 2013