Henrico Democrats Grassroots Society

Why we need your support:

Every year is an election year in Virginia, and Henrico Democrats are making an all-out effort to build our war chest for the upcoming campaigns. We need resources to find local candidates and ready them for campaigning, and to support them with funding and opposition research. In statewide and Congressional races, we participate with phone banks and canvassing efforts, and we help to guard voting rights by placing poll greeters at every precinct in the County on election days. All of our funding comes from our members and supporters.

The Grassroots Society – Growing Democracy from the Ground Up

The Grassroots Society is a sustainer program whose members support our work through monthly or yearly contributions.

Monthly contributions may be for as little as $5.00, and are made automatically through ActBlue. Yearly contributions may be made either through ActBlue or by check. Grassroots Society contributors are not required to be HCDC members, but contributions to the Grassroots Society may be used towards membership dues.

It’s easy to become a monthly or yearly contributor to the Grassroots Society:

  • Select the membership level that you want and whether you want to contribute on a yearly or a monthly basis. You can choose from these 5 levels:

– Bluebell ($5/month, $60/year)
– Iris ($10/month, $120/year)
– Aster ($20/month, $240/year)
– Larkspur ($50/month, $600/year)
– Bluestar ($100/month, $1200/year)

Contributors at the top three tiers – Aster, Larkspur, and Bluestar –  are acknowledged as sponsors at their levels and receive two tickets to a fundraising event each year and other benefits.

  • Don’t forget to tell your friends about the Grassroots Society!