Henrico Democrats

Grassroots Society and Memorials

Grassroots Society Members
The Henrico County Democratic Committee thanks the following for their generous contribution to the HCDC Grassroots Society! With your help, we are “Growing Democracy from the Ground Up”.

Puneet Hans
Melissa Marrion
Cheryl Zando

John Borgard
Peggy Borgard
Robin Crane
Alice Creighton
Valerie L’Herrou
Julie Laskaris
Alexsis Rodgers
James Simons

David Kovacs
Eileen Tarr


Honoring those who have been recognized, through memorial donations, for their service and dedication to the Henrico Democratic Committee:

Alice Miles – donation by Judy Anderson, 2012
Stephanie Wingate – by the Estate of Stephanie Wingate, 2013