Elected Officials for Henrico

Board of Supervisors (4-year term 2019, 2023)
Brookland District Courtney Lynch - D  
Fairfield District  Frank Thornton – D  
Three Chopt District Thomas M. Branin – R  
Tuckahoe District Patricia O’Bannon – R  
Varina District Tyrone Nelson – D  
School Board (4-year term 2019, 2023)
Brookland District Beverly L. Cocke  
Fairfield District Roscoe D. Cooper III  
Three Chopt District Michelle F. "Micky" Ogburn  
Tuckahoe District Lisa Marshall  
Varina District John W. Montgomery  
Commonwealth’s Attorney (4-year term 2019, 2023)

Shannon L. Taylor – D

Sheriff (4-year term 2019, 2023)

Michael Wade – R

Clerk to Circuit Court (8-year term 2023, 2031)

Heidi S. Barshinger

Henricopolis Soil and Water Conservation District Board (4-year term 2019, 2023)
Herbert L. Dunford, Jr., Chair (Appointed)  
Nicole Anderson Ellis, Vice-Chair  
James Beckley, Treasurer  
Thomas F. Herbert  
Edward Olsen (Appointed)
Virginia House of Delegates (2-year term 2017, 2019, 2023)
56th District Peter F. Farrell – R  
62nd District Riley Ingram – R  
68th District Manoli Loupassi – R  
70th District Delores McQuinn – D  
71st District Jeffrey M. Bourne– D  
72nd District Jimmie P. Massie, III – R  
73rd District John O’Bannon, III – R  
74th District Lamont Bagby – D  
Virginia State Senate (4-year term 2019, 2023)

9th District –   Jennifer L. McClellan – D
12th District – Siobhan S. Dunnavant – R

United States House of Representatives (2-year term 2018, 2020)

4th District – A. Donald McEachin – D
7th District – Dave Brat – R

United States Senate (6-year term)

Tim Kaine – D | 2018, 2024 |

Mark Warner – D | 2020, 2026 |